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Evolution of conductive clothing


Manufacturing facilities


  • warping machine
  • weaving looms
  • knotting machine
  • automatic sampling machine
  • quality control and inspection machine
Warping and weaving


  • high-temperature dyeing machines
  • washing machines
  • surface fabric winder-picker
about us-dyeing and finishing


  • Four automated cutting machines and 2 large-format plotters
  • quilting machines
  • sewing automatic and semi-automatic machines
  • embroidery and silk-screen printing machines and thermal printing devices
Cutting and sewing


  • knitting automatic and semi-automatic machines
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  • All produced PPEs before shipment pass quality control and laboratory testing in accordance with the appropriate standards.weaving looms
  • We are a company with 100% quality control
Quality control

Get to know our company

Electrostatics is a designer and the most prominent world manufacturer of conductive clothing.

We have more than 50 years’ experience, the evolution of conductive clothing from the very beginning merged with our history.

Our experts develop conductive clothing in close cooperation with our customers – the largest transmission and distribution system operators, electric grid and power generating companies. The efficiency of our products is monitored under real operational conditions, on an everyday basis.

Based on the statistics, the results of the ELECTROSTATICS products are hundreds of savings and zero injuries in electromagnetic induction accidents and flashover ground faults.

Our experts are members of the most acknowledged European and North-American international technical committees and working groups developing national and international standards in protecting against electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic induction, and safe working methods.

Our work on improving PPE in terms of its protective, ergonomic, and operational characteristics never stops. What we developed the day before yesterday is already history; what was developed yesterday is effectively operated today; what we develop today will protect our customers tomorrow; what we are thinking about today is already in our development plans for tomorrow; the day after tomorrow our customers will want it, and they will receive it.

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